Monday, 20 October 2014

Going Gatsby

We are going a bit Gatsby crazy at Lily & Violet Vintage.......... we are going to a Gatsby themed Christmas party this year and are getting a little bit distracted by the whole thing - they flapper, the charleston, smoking in public, drinking hard liquor and everything else that goes with the roaring '20s!! We Love It!!

Wouldn't it have been great to live in the 1920s?!? - Well it would if you were in with the bohemian party crowd and not the 'below stairs' drudgery.  We, of course would be on the side of gambling, drinking, smoking and wearing trousers.

We have been known to smoke the odd cigar in our time so we would have fit in all to well - as for the gambling, liquor and trousers....what can we say?? You know us too well!!

Anyway, back to the shop...we really specialise in garments from the 1950s, 60s and 70s although we do have a few earlier pieces. As you know, all of our clothes are really good quality and condition and finding original 1920s dresses is unusual and therefore expensive - (that said, we do have one or two fine examples, if you are interested).

If you have passed by our windows lately, you will have spotted the '20s window is showcasing one if our genuine '20s dresses (amazing!!) and the other has a fantastic 1970s lounge suit that we think would make the perfect Gatsby outfit (it is just too cool!!!).

But if you want the Gatsby look without going to the trouble and expense of a genuine '20s outfit, it is really easy to do...go for beaded or fringed dresses and add acres of beads and pearls and some outrageous headgear.  In fact anything goes!! 

Totally Gorgeous

If there are any Gatsby-ites out there looking for a totally unique, totally gorgeous headpiece, come and check out the  Lily & Violet Vintage range.....we have used genuine 1920s beading and embroidered fabrics to create some very special accessories.

I have decided to go with a bit of an alternative take on the Gatsby theme.....this is my inspiration.....Completely mad but vert cool don't you think??? Very questionable as to whether I can pull it off though...

So far I have got some black satin pyjama bottoms (by What Katie Did, of course) and some fur to stitch around the bottom and I am still working on the rest of it - I will post a pic when I am done (maybe!!)....

Mary & Lisa x 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Downton or Cilla?? Which one are you.....

…..Or maybe it’s Grantchester, Peeky Blinders or Mrs Biggs……

Whichever one, we have got it all going on here at Lily & Violet Vintage!! It doesn't matter which drama you are into, I am sure we can find something to take your fancy!! And British drama is bigger than it's ever been.  We love it!!

Anybody catch the return of Peeky Blinders this week? Dated a bit earlier than some of the fashions we have got in the boutique, but some of that fabulous headgear is here - come and take a look! 

But one of our favourite bits of this show is the music - just awesome - and we have got some of that going on too! 

So Very Lady Mary
And what about Downton? 'Granny' is our favourite (if we are as cutting and witty at her age we will be awesome!!) but if Lady Mary is more your thing then check this out…..we can recreate her look!...and with authentic period dress too! 

1920s dresses are very difficult to find in a Totally Gorgeous state (after all they are nearly 100 years old). But we do have one or two little beauties!  If you happen to be coming along to our evening shopping event on Saturday, maybe we can encourage you to try it on!

My favourite recent drama has to be Cilla!. Whilst being suckers (like everyone else!) for the lovely shapes of '50s fashion, it is the '60s that have the ability to span all generations. This is just our humble opinion, but - there is no one that can't do a classically cut shift or A-line! You just have to have the attitude to match!

'60s Mink -Gorgeous
The fab dresses and coats that Cilla was wearing in the recent series were just amazing. Surly, no one watched that and didn't wish that they were part of the Cavern crowd in the '60s. amazing! 

We have got lots of '60s stuff in the Lily & Violet Vintage boutique, ranging from shift dresses to fur coats. The fabulous Biba boots have gone - but we have plenty more great stuff from the swinging ‘60s!!

If the tea dresses gracing our screens in Grantchester are more your thing, then we have one or two of those as well!! 

But, the party season is nearly here, so ditch the tea dress!!! and get yourself a fabulous shift to dance the night away in, or a beaded or fringed gown for your Gatsby party!!!

Right, time to stop!!! We might be giving the impression that all we do of an evening is curl up on the sofa and watch TV.  Us??? Never!!!, we are out there partying most nights away……If you happen to see us out, please send us home - we need to watch more telly….

Mary & Lisa x