Friday, 24 January 2014

And so it began.......

Lily & Violet Vintage
Welcome to our blog!!  If you want to follow our vintage adventure then please keep reading – we will be adding to this weekly. Let us know what you think.

Lisa hates history, Mary hates caravans.  This can never work – can it ??..

Actually, I don’t hate caravans so long as they stay off the road, stay out of my way and are a cute shape painted in pretty colours – oh, and if I don’t have to sleep in them (for long) !
As for the history – I love it!  In fact, I can’t get enough of it!  I just love a bit of vintage-ness, the glamour, the clothes, the eyeliner and of course, the furs!  In fact I love all history, the kings and Queens, the Wars, Smallpox........(have I said that I am a tour guide at Berkeley Castle? – well, I am)
Lily & Violet Vintage started with a weekend at the Goodwood Revival. Have you ever been?  If not, you should go...... The vintage-ness is obvious but the cars are also pretty fab.  Now, I don’t know anything about cars (or caravans for that matter!) but I started to dream about them.  Well, more precisely, I started to dream about me looking like Audrey Hepburn, sitting in an open top car with a couple of poodles (gotta love a poodle or two), scarf and shades on.  That image is obviously well beyond my reach (have you seen my dog??) but maybe, just maybe, a vintage caravan would “cut the mustard........

My dog - CoCo the Labradoodle
So, the idea behind L&V was born – a beautiful vintage clothing shop for all Audrey wannabes with a boutique vintage caravan sitting out front!  (and you can buy the caravan too!). Now the only thing to do was find a ‘Partner in Vintage’, someone crazy enough to ‘get’ the clothing and caravan idea
Mmmmmmmm, have you met Lisa???....                  
Mary x

Well, I don’t hate all history, just the stuff you learn at school! You know, Kings and Queens, the Wars, Smallpox - and all the rest of that boring stuff! Give me an old black and white movie, James Dean, Marilyn and all the other vintage greats and I’m happy.  You can’t beat a bit of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Have you ever been to breakfast anywhere near Tiffany’s?? – nor me, but I do have a little Roman Holiday planned for later in the year.  As for the caravans, I can totally see myself waking up in a field surrounded by cows.  I would obviously have my shades on, but it would probably be more Barbara Windsor than Audrey Hepburn.                   
Lisa x

So, L&V became a reality, but we had to come up with the name. We couldn’t think of anything better than Lily & Violet Vintage. Lily (Mary’s Daughter) and Violet (Lisa’s Daughter).
Lily and Violet
We do actually have two children each but the names ‘Indi’ and ‘Cheston’ just don’t go with the image! However, we are thinking of opening a kebab shop in the not too distant future, so if they play their cards right, they could soon see their names in the neon sign above the door .....Only kidding! We do love all of our children equally.......                
Mary & Lisa x