Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Dursley is just the most exciting place in the world for us at the moment!!  Christmas is coming!!! We love this time of year and the fun is in the planning - it is going to give us hours of entertainment!!
Dursley at Christmas

We have just been to our first ever Council type meeting - who would have thought it?? We are turning into pillars of our local community and having an input into town matters!! And they are Christmas related - yay!

Councillor Lisa Higgings has formally tabled our request for a stall in Silver Street for the light switching on ceremony and we have expressed our delight at the proposals for the themes for the window competition. 

We have a choice: A Traditional Christmas or Panto - so what will it be?? You will have to wait and see!!

We are hoping to attract a few more of our fellow Silver Street traders to join us in making our part of town amazing!!     The shop will be open and looking gorgeous as usual and we hope our stalls by the church steps will add to the festive vibe. 

You might have guessed by now that we absolutely love a competition and when that competition involves making a window look spectacular, we can't help but get totally over excited. We have the best windows in Dursley and this Christmas they will rival Selfridges!!  
Nightmare!!! - We can't possible  lose the
window competition - can we??

........But Dursley is full of talented people and we are sure that ours will be only one of many spectacular window displays on offer. We are lucky enough to have big windows that lend themselves to displays - not everyone does; but that will not stop the talented traders of Dursley coming up with some fantastic ideas.

This year the Christmas lights will be switched on by a 'local Celebrity' on Friday 28th November.  And we are involved this year so it is sure to be spectacular....make sure you bring your families along if you can.  

The Lily & Violet Vintage boutique will be open along with many other shops in Dursley and we are planning a little surprise for anyone visiting us.  So, get yourselves down our end of town - it is going to be the place to be!!

Mary & Lisa x