Saturday, 5 April 2014

Do You Know What Katie Did?

The Lily & Violet Vintage Boutique will not only be selling vintage clothing that is Totally Unique and Totally Gorgeous, we are very proud to announce that we will also be offering What Katie Did lingerie.  
What Katie Did are the world leaders when it comes to vintage style underwear - who would have thought it? - the silver screen glamour of the ‘40s and ‘50s available right here in the sleepy town of Dursley.  
Beautiful Lingerie For All
Wake Up Dursley!! - it’s high time each and every one of us put a little glamour into our lives - and what you wear underneath is sure to radiate through to the surface… So whether its a corset, a waspie, a merry widow or plain old (actually, not so plain) bra and knickers, come and have a browse at this beautiful lingerie!
The other week we were lucky enough to visit What Katie Did in their Portobello store, where we were taken through the whole of their range.  This really is beautiful underwear that we are sure every woman will love!  We are going to hold seamed stockings and tights as well as a selection of bras, knickers and shapewear. So if you need a bit of waist nipping, bum shaping, hip smoothing, suck it all in, underwear  (and, lets face it - most of us could do with a little help every now and then )…. then you know where to come!!!  
What Katie Did - The Boutique
One of the main lessons we learned on our visit was the varying techniques on getting into some of this lovely underwear - there is definitely a knack!! “cross one leg over the other and wiggle”, “ready? breathe in” … but the results speak for themselves…. the merry widow will give you that lovely accentuated nipped in waist, whilst the corselette will suck it in and smooth it out!
Then we got onto the varying styles of bra - bullet, cone…..The question we have been asking ourselves is how do we know what you would like to wear?? The answer - ask you!! So, are you ready to bite the bullet or is the balconette where it is at??? Let us know what you think.. We have gone ahead and placed our first order but we are hoping that you are all ready for this glamour revival and that our second order will follow quickly  - so tell us what sort of things you would like and we will do our best to oblige..
We are now fully versed to offer advice but we are not trained to take measurements… so we will be encouraging you to try them all on - just make sure you allow enough time.  There is no way to hurry an hourglass!
So, if you didn’t know before, now you do!! 
What Katie Did

We just know you are going to love it!! 

Mary & Lisa x 

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