Saturday, 10 May 2014

Yay ….. Aaarrrrghhh - It’s Market Day for Marj!!!

This morning we are feeling just a little bit nervous!! Today is market day and we have decided that the time is right for Marj's grand unveiling.  
The forecast for today is….you’ve guessed it! - rain!!!! And it has been chucking it down all night!! Luckily, Marj has been water tested on a number of occasions recently and has survived the bombardment of weather that Mother Nature has been able to throw at her.  So, we can’t let a few potential (hopefully!) showers put us off!!  We are more worried for us than for Marj….
Marj is taking everything in her stride - her paintwork is looking as lovely as the day she was painted, her cushions have been plumped, her curtains have been straightened and she is ready to be unveiled to what we hope is her adoring public!!
As you know, Marj is the first of the Lily & Violet Vintage fleet and she really is our baby.  When we first got her she was just a little bit hard to love (a little bit battered and tired looking to say the least), but with all of the tender love and care she has received, she has blossomed into something very special!! 
I guess this morning we will find out what others think of her…
We spent the day yesterday making sure that Marj is ready for her grand unveiling, but that has done nothing to calm our nerves.  
We will be putting Marj in place in just an hours time and hope that some of our friends and followers will stop by to take a look and say hello…… 
Now, have we got everything???? Memory is not a strong point for either of us so we survive with randomly scattered lists - the list for today is pretty short: 
  • Marj (she is essential), 
  • the photo record of her transformation (to aide our memory and show you all the before and afters), 
  • chairs (we aren’t as young as we used to be!!),
  • our business cards (we have to keep reminding ourselves that Marj is for sale :(  and that we are actually in business). 
Personal number plate too!
Life is just so much fun though, it is easy to forget that we are supposed to be working!
OK its time! - we are off to Dursley Farmers Market with our little Marj….

And after……
Phew!!! That was such good fun!! 
Our experience this morning just goes to prove that we are not totally mad!! 
All set up at the Market
Maybe the concept of the rescued vintage caravan is a bit ‘out there’ (especially a caravan that has a name and is really one of the family). But when you step inside Marj your imagination runs wild!! 
Marj had a blast meeting everyone and finding out how they would incorporate her into their daily lives!! She is a complete star and loved by everyone who sees her. 
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and made our morning so special.  We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received and are so pleased that you all love Marj. That said, Marj is one special lady and so we aren’t really surprised at everyone’s reaction to her… but still very, very chuffed.
Any time is Cocktail time with Marj
The only thing we could have done better was to give out totally tropical cocktails and had some grass-skirted models… 
Actually, I do have a vague recollection of the promise of a grass skirt and coconut shells….. you know who you are!!!

You can check out more pictures of Marj on our shiny new web site 
Mary & Lisa x 


  1. Agreed.. It was too cold for coconut shells!! If only the weather was as tropical as Marj