Thursday, 4 December 2014

We Love To Dress Up - OH YES WE DO!!....

We know it is hard to imagine that either of us could make a good Ugly Sister (Oh, Yes It Is!!) but on Friday night we both   managed to well and truly immerse ourselves in our characters.  

The Ugly Sisters
We of course were the Ugly Sisters!!  Dressed in Panto Dame outfits with fantastic wigs (and enough make up for the entire cast of the Dursley DODS Humpty Dumpty) we took part in the Dursley Christmas Festival Evening - and we loved it!!! 

The doors of the Lily & Violet Vintage Boutique were thrown open and the shop was turned into a photo booth for the evening, complete with moustaches, glasses, hats and photo frames.  It was such a success that we are keeping the props in the shop for the whole of Christmas - mainly because we love any and every kind of dressing up!!!

In fact, Lisa was thinking of applying to DODS for a part in their next production. The only problem is that it is going to be a musical* and she is a rubbish singer (Oh, Yes She Is!!) plus she is not a keen musical lover. 

The Singing Sensations
This is quite hard to believe because Lisa does  come from a very musical family. Both her Mum and Dad have competed across Europe in various singing competitions.**  In fact, if Lisa wasn't a vintage vixen she would probably be a Von Trapp, complete with lederhosen (made from a beautiful (vintage) curtain fabric, of course).

Anyway, enough of musicals and back to the panto theme.... The Lily & Violet Vintage window was based on Cinders (hence the Ugly Sisters). We worked really hard putting them together and we think we caused quite a stir!! Did anyone see them???

We were awarded the winners trophy and people were coming in all evening to congratulate us and to have a mooch around the shop. We have had some wonderful characters popping in and some really lovely comments - so, Thank You Dursley!!

It is hard to believe that we have been going for nearly 6 months - and what an incredible 6 months it has been. For us both, it has been life changing and we like to think that we are having a positive impact on our town.  We like being part of the Dursley community and we love it that we can stop traffic - if it isn't our windows that catch your eye, its our outfits!!!!

Please help us to spread the word - we want to continue to stop traffic, turn heads, cause a stir etc. etc.

*We have no idea what the next DODS production is but they are always brilliant!!
*Di & Tony are a renowned karaoke couple particularly in Turkey where they are asked back year after year (or are they??? - they go anyway!)

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Mary & Lisa x 

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