Saturday, 14 March 2015

Spring is Here!!

Here at Lily & Violet Vintage Spring has sprung - at last!!
It might still feel a bit chilly out there but change is in the air.. 

We thought it was about time we changed our window display and banished those snowflakes for a year!  We originally planned to put each seasonal display in for 3 months - we make all of the window props ourselves and a lot of work goes into them.  But in hindsight, a 3 month winter is just too depressing so maybe next winter will not last quite so long!

Anthropologie eat your heart out!!
The snow flakes have now been replaced by 'trees in bud'.  Our plan is to have an evolving display; at the moment we have  some (real) daffodils and some (not real) other flowers on the branches of the tree.  Every time we come to work we will put one additional 'flower' in each window.  So by the time we get to summer we should have a riot of colour in each window!!! Exciting eh?  Make sure you let us know what you think of them...

Now, talking of Spring and Exciting - we have been invited to take a caravan (or 2) along to the RHS Malvern Spring Garden Show.  Sooooooo excited about this!! Our caravans have previously graced the Dursley Farmers' Market and have received lots of attention, but the RHS Malvern Show is something else!!!

You could be forgiven for thinking that the caravans have recently taken a back seat to the shop, and you would be right!! We have been very busy making sure that the Lily & Violet Vintage boutique is everything we hoped it would be and Yes!! we have succeeded in this. Phew!! But, it has meant not having quite so much time to spend on our beloved caravans. So, over the winter we decided to let the vans take a back seat!....

...but not anymore!!

Our Hilda!! Cute but not Cool!!
We have decided that we will unveil our gorgeous Hilda at the show.  You may recall that Hilda was our very first baby and she remains the apple of our eye.  (At the moment her appeal is quite limited so only we could love her - she does leave a lot to be desired!)

Over the winter months, tucked away in a very breezy (and often very smelly) farm shed, we have been slowly completing all of Hilda's preparation work - she has been  re-sealed, windows have been removed and replaced, her gas has been checked and her electrics upgraded. Now all she needs are two new tyres and she will be ready for some pampering!

Hilda, as with all our vintage vans, will be getting a full Lily & Violet Vintage transformation. Our little Thomson Glen, will go from seriously uncool and bland to a veritable feast of colour - think English Country Garden with a flamenco twist!!  Buttercup yellow, pink check, green foliage and yellow twill - sounds perfect doesn't it??  We can't wait!! 

We will keep you posted on her progress over the next few weeks but to see her completely transformed you will have to come along to the RHS Spring Garden Show. It runs from 7 - 10 May - stop by and say "hello"!! We will be the very excited ones, by the Festival Gardens, banging on about Hilda.. You can't miss Hilda - she is the colourful caravan! - Or, she will be!!

Mary & Lisa x 

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