Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Vintage Caravan Welfare Unit

We have spent quite a lot of time recently thinking about the lack of care afforded some old vans and the neglect they often suffer.  So, with the aim of spurring owners of neglected vans into action, we have launched the Vintage Caravan Welfare Unit (VCWU). 

The VCWU.  
This elite force is a small team of people (us!) looking to inspire owners to renovate their vans. We have had some postcards printed and post these through unsuspecting doors!! So, be warned!!! We are watching!!

We hope to rescue Beattie.......
Whenever possible we look to rescue, renovate and rehome these long forgotten caravans.  But oftentimes the owners just need a little bit of inspiration to empower them to put in some time and effort and reap the rewards of a lovely, gorgeous vintage caravan!!!  

Cue the VCWU!!!

1970s caravanning!
The caravan heyday enjoyed in the 1960s and '70s is seeing a bit of a comeback and there are more and more vans being towed along our roads. (Aaaarrrrgghhhhh - I hate caravans - yes, really!!).   

Now, as much as I hate caravans on the road, (I am very sorry to say it and I know it will make me unpopular in the caravanning community, but there is nothing worse than being stuck behind a huge, ugly, uninspiring white box!!) being behind a lovely, colourful caravan is not the same thing at all.  They really do put a smile on your face!!! 

But don't be blinkered!! These caravans have many more uses than going on holiday..... 
Think business opportunity - nail bar, ice cream parlour, tea shop, photo booth. 
Think spare room - hobby room, homework den, spare bedroom, wine bar.  
Think time out - for you, the kids, the inlaws.....
The uses are endless!!

The possibilities are endless and you don't even need a tow bar to enjoy them!!

So to all owners of neglected caravans, here are the Lily & Violet Vintage top tips to getting your project underway and transforming your wreck into something of beauty....

1.   Give her a name.  (We say 'her' because that is how we think of our caravans.  We haven't yet come across a male version but that isn't to say they are not out there!)  Once your caravan has a name it will be much more difficult to neglect her and she will become one of the family.

2.  Let her talk to you. But make sure you listen!!  We believe that each of our vans has told us what they will look like and what colour(s) they should be.  A bit hippy-ish we know, but so far it has worked.
See Bonnie's mood board on Pinterest. She spoke to us and we listened!!

3.  Dream, dream, dream.  What would you use your caravan for?? Once you have decided, you will be even more motivated to get the job done. Santa's Grotto?? How cool would that be???

4.  Tell others what you are doing.  "Hello, my name is Lisa, and I am doing my caravan up to be my cocktail lounge". Then you'll have to do it....

5.  Start!!! Start this weekend.

The VCWU is incredibly proud of you all!! If you need any inspiration, you can always get in touch....

Mary & Lisa x 

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