Saturday, 7 June 2014

Its The Final Countdown!!

The Countdown Begins……..
Boxes everywhere!!
10……..With 10 days before opening we have been working our socks off to make sure that everything is exactly how we want it to be.  So we have all the stock in - (Phew!! at last you can move in my house!!!).  All of the shop cabinets etc have been brought in from storage.  It is all systems go…
9………So, we thought we knew exactly where all of the clothes rails and shop furniture was going to go… but, guess what??  When we started shuffling it around it didn’t look quite as we imagined!  But it was oh so close! So, after a couple of hours of deliberation we decided to flip all our ideas around and try a mirror image - and it worked!!  (And, we have managed to get a caravan in ;)
8………We put all of our boxes in our stock room and then started to fill the rails with the garments we wanted out first.  (You wouldn’t believe how much stuff we have got!!!!! )  We had already completed much of the labelling and measuring, but it still took ages to sort out. Then we got onto how to make it all look good - luckily Lisa is a pro at this and needless to say it looks AMAZING… 
7……….OK - thats today!! (scared / excited / shattered / emotional / excited / lucky / nervous / did we say excited??) We now have all of the wall hung stuff on the walls.  We were given a plate mirror and together with a couple of ‘rescued’ doors, it now looks absolutely fabulous.  We have wifi but yet have to try out ‘accepting card payments’.  And, we still have one light to fit - it arrived today but isn’t the right colour!!! AARrrrrrrggghhh.
6…..5…..4…..3…..2…..1     We will see next week if everything now goes to plan!!! This is the plan….although, it looks more like a massive to-do list!!
Slightly macabre - but we love them!
We have to finish a bit of labelling and still have to set out all of our hats, shoes, jewels and accessories.  Many hands will make light work of this one ;)    (come in and see what we mean!!)
We have our music to sort out. Sadly, we just won’t have the time for the old record player, or the cassette player that you had to press play and record at the same time if you wanted to tape anything! (remember those?) So we are going wireless techy…
Have you noticed how big our windows are???? They will be filled with a stunning window display (to be revealed on Saturday - to be made on Monday - fingers crossed our amazing plans work !)
Our sumptuous fitting room still needs a bit of soft furnishing to finish it off.  And the curtain tie backs need to be fitted - look out for them - they will not be like anything you have ever seen before!!!!
That must be about it…….We will let you know next week if the plan worked…

Wish us luck…..
Mary & Lisa x 

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best thing to happen to Dursley EVER!