Sunday, 29 June 2014

Our Customers - Totally Unique and Totally Gorgeous

Would you believe that we have now been 'shop-keepers' for a whole two weeks?? And in that time we have met some absolutely wonderful, whacky, crazy people!! 

Most have got something to say about our Totally Unique, Totally Gorgeous Vintage Venture.....and we have found that it certainly takes all-sorts!!.....

Through our doors, we have had.....

The Doubters

"Well, I don't really see how you are going to make this work!! Do you know that you are just too far out of Town?? And you have got that lovely charity shop next door"

There always has to be at least one or two that would like to rain on the parade!!!

Bryony - Just too cool!!
The Debutantes

"Wow, I can't believe that Dursley has its very own Vintage Shop.  I wish I hadn't already bought my prom dress :( "

For those of you whose prom is next year, start shopping now.  We have had the pleasure of the lovely Bryony trying on outfits for next years Prom.  Clever girl!!

The Divas

"I love trying everything on" 

And we love seeing all of our clothes on bodies as well as hangers so we are more than happy to accommodate the odd trying on session just for the pleasure of seeing the beautiful clothes!!!

The Potterers

"oooo you have got some lovely things!! - I could spend hours just looking"

Please do come in for a mooch.  We love showing off our lovely boutique and are more than happy for all you browsers out there to come in just to see what we have.

The Reminiscers

"I can remember buying an outfit just like this one as my going away dress - this brings back so many lovely memories!!"

It is lovely to see some of our customers actually take a step back in time and recollect whole events that happened 60 years before!! Priceless.

The If Onlys

"I had one of those... and a hat just like that... etc.  etc.  If only I hadn't.....chucked it all out....taken it to the charity shop....."

Well, if everyone had kept everything, there would be no call for Lily & Violet Vintage!! But, there is.....yay!!

The "Just Passing By' Crowd

"I was just driving by and noticed your lovely windows and thought that I just had to stop!!!. What an amazing shop."

We are very glad to be stopping traffic!!! Have you noticed our changing window dresses??? We like to keep regular passers by with something new to look at, and new passers by with something lovely to look at!!

The Supporters

A true supporter - The lovely Rebecca
"It is about time Dursley got a lovely shop - may this be the first of many!! Very good luck to you in your new venture"

We agree that it is about time Dursley got something to talk about and that is what we are aiming for!!! The support we have received has been amazing - Thank You xxx

and last but not least......

The Del Boys

"Where do you get your stuff??? I have got some of this stuff in my wardrobe, if I bring it in you could take a look and see if you want to buy any of it..."  or
Could this be you - No!!!
"I have got a lovely 1980s wedding dress, do you want to buy it??" 

We can now spot this category a mile off!!!! We have been so overwhelmed with people wanting to sell us things that we are just saying no!!!!

Remember, our doors are open from 9.30am 'til 6.00pm Monday to Saturday, so please feel free to come in and have a mooch, try stuff on, tell us where we are going wrong, say how much you love our windows......Just stop trying to sell us your tat!! (even if it is not tat and is really very nice and probably a genuine 1920s flapper dress in absolutely immaculate condition or a virtually unworn 1950s Dior New Look dress... but its not  - so just stop it!!!!)

Mary & Lisa x 


  1. Ha ha. Brilliant read! Trying to figure what catagory I fall in to!! Guess I'll have to visit and let you decide! Best of luck in your venture. RB.

  2. Hmmmm now which category do I fall into????

  3. We can find something to love in all of the categories - so whichever one you are it really doesn't matter to us!!!... Unless you have a wedding dress for sale!!