Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What Sells???

We absolutely love the fact that our customers are Totally Gorgeous and above all Totally Unique - they have to be because they want to shop with us!! Why be a lemming and follow the crowd when you can wear something as individual as you are???

Oooo - goodies arriving!!
We have had great fun putting together the initial stock to open the Lily & Violet Vintage Boutique, but without actually having a shop it was all a bit like shopping in the dark...

I don't know if you have ever tried shopping for someone that you don't know, have never met and have absolutely no clues as to their age, stature, likes etc. etc.  Well, it is quite hard and so most of the time we shopped for ourselves!!  Over the course of a few months we think we got pretty good at it but the real test was throwing our doors open and letting all of you decide...

What is great about being in the Boutique is watching someone walk through the door and immediately judging the type of garment they will go for - only to be proved completely wrong when they walk into the changing room with their choices!!!! And then seeing someone have a complete change of identity when they try things on!!! - we love it!!  It really does go to show that you never can tell.

And then there are the men!!.... The male of the species invariably follows the female quietly around the shop; nodding in all of the right places and looking relatively interested.  But when their female goes into the changing room they suddenly become much more vocal and for the most part are intent on encouraging more adventurous clothes.  Needless to say, very little encouragement is actually needed!!  -  Well done those ladies!! There is definitely a degree of manipulation going on there!!  Of course it was his idea to go for something a bit different......

So, what have we sold ??? Were they the items that we thought would fly off our rails or are they the more unusual and quirky items that we thought could be a bit of an acquired taste??

You have surprised us, amazed us and delighted us by your non-conformist quirky tastes and your eye for quality and detail...

Gorgeous!! - Gone!!
Our favourite cream wool swing jacket with the multi-coloured buttons - gone!!
The very unique hat with the pheasant feathers - gone!!
Gorgeous heeled brogues - gone!!
Stunning pink malia sundress (just lovely) - gone!!
Mint condition lizard bag - gone!!
Orange organza sunhat - gone!!
Very unusual '50s button back top and skirt - gone!!
The fabulous orange palazzo pants - gone!!
The lovely metallic pouch bag - gone!!
All the sunglasses - gone!!
That Boa!! - gone!! (We hope you are putting it to good use Fiona!!)

Obviously the list could go on and on, but the point is that everything that we have sold has been as unique and gorgeous as the person who bought it!!! And we of course can't repeat any of the items that you see - once they are gone, they are gone!!!

We are keeping a list of things that you are interested in and will try to get things that you want to see, on to our rails.  We will keep our Pinterest pages up to date with our latest additions (if we get to photograph them before they are sold).

You do have to be quick though - this week the larger size dresses have sold within about 2 hours of being put out!!! Sometimes it is just luck.....

Mary & Lisa x 


  1. so pleased it has gone so well for you - you've been a real breath of fresh air to the town :)