Friday, 21 March 2014

Our Most Frequently Asked Question…….

We really thought when we first kicked off this magnificent vintage adventure, that the question we would most likely be asked is “why clothing AND caravans ?”  But actually the oddity of it all doesn’t seem to pose a problem for anyone and most people (we think ?!?!?) have been genuinely interested in everything we have been up to - whether it be caravan towing or vintage shopping and spotting!
The question we are most frequently faced with is “where are you getting all your stuff ?” 
Now, obviously we can’t go giving away all of our top secret contacts but we thought you might like to hear about a few of the more interesting encounters we have had so far…
As you can imagine, getting hold of beautiful, high quality vintage clothing is very different from acquiring a 1960’s caravan in need of rescuing!!  
The vintage clothes that will adorn the Lily & Violet Vintage Boutique have obviously been bought and worn before. So, to get to the ‘source’ we have been on the look-out for vintage hoarders, vintage lovers, over-spenders, size shufflers and shape shifters who want their gorgeous pieces to be worn by others when they can no longer be worn by themselves. 
This has introduced us to some absolutely fabulous people all over the world.  Some of them are what you could term professional ‘spotters’.  They have been in the vintage business for many years and help us to source specific items.  
Anyone for a shot?
One of these ladies is Pam.  Pam lives in sunny California and is supplying some of our American Vintage items.  We told Pam of our obsession with poodles and have so far turned down a poodle ashtray and a poodle decanter and shot glasses!!! Actually, writing this now I realise just how well Pam has gotten to know us and I am going to be buying those shot glasses at the first opportunity…. And for those of you out there who know Lisa well, you will know that a poodle ashtray could tip her over the edge - it could be just too hard to resist! Audrey hair, cigarette in a long holder and a poodle ashtray - the epitome of cool!!
Another brilliant person we have encountered is a lady called Chinchilla Snood.  Does anyone know Chinchilla?? She definitely has a certain mystique and who could fail to be impressed by such a name?!?  We have decided to take up ‘vintage’ names for ourselves, so if anyone out there has any ideas…… 

Chinchilla, if you are reading this, we think that every girl should have a name like yours - we like your style!
There are such places as vintage wholesalers and kilo sellers, but we have chosen to take a very much more hands on approach and want to continue to choose every piece individually.  We hope that by taking the time to do this that the Lily & Violet Vintage Boutique will always be full of Totally Unique, Totally Gorgeous things!
Next time we will tell you about finding the caravans - it really is a story in its own right!!

Mary & Lisa x 

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