Saturday, 15 March 2014

So, to find the perfect shop....

We started our shop search by roaming the streets of local towns and villages, looking for the perfect spot - lovely looking frontage, no competing shops, high traffic area and fairly close to us both.  Guess what?? - no such shop existed…… so in our usual way we decided to jump in with both feet and change all that!  (Don’t worry - we didn’t hire in some muscle!) 
We had a good idea of where we wanted to be and had even narrowed our search down to a couple of properties - none of them with vacant shops to let.  So we went about trying to talk to the owners… At one point I was spotted crouched down in the street peering through a very low letterbox..and inside all I could see was a pair of work boots (I’m still not sure if they had feet in them as I got scared, quickly let the letterbox shut and walked off at a pace, pretending it wasn’t me!)
A gorgeous building - not too sure
about the window display though! 
Eventually, our persistence, nosiness, ingenuity, persuasion (call it what you like!) paid off and our very favourite shop will soon have Lily & Violet Vintage written above the door. It is just the most exciting thing!!
Some of you might remember the shop as it used to be and you might even have shopped there!  Do you remember Kidsons? The motorcycle place.. Well, it will have a new lease of life soon as Lily & Violet Vintage. I know some of you probably pass the shop on a daily basis and will see that change is underway. We are going to keep it under wraps until our grand opening but it will be worth the wait!
One of the receipts we will make use of
The shop has been empty for a number of years and has most recently been home to a kitchen display for Jonathan Randall Kitchens.  In years gone by Bristol House has been home to a Lipton’s Supermarket and a couple of Outfitters. We are very excited to have the responsibility of bringing back to life such a beautiful old building with the wealth of history it keeps!!  We have been lucky enough to have been given some copies of old photographs and receipts which you will be able to see when you visit. Although, they probably won’t be framed and on the wall - that would be too easy!!
So, any ideas what a Lily & Violet Vintage Shop could look like?? 
Glamorous, Stylish, Charming, Relaxed, Inviting……..
Totally Unique. Totally Gorgeous. 
Think…. 50s and 60s, Audrey and Poodles, Over the Top Glamping, Fab Tunes, Comfy Thrones……now you’re closer!!

Over the past couple of months we have been busy planning the shop interior and putting our fittings together. Along the way we have been bidding at auction, visiting dodgy people in their lock ups and harassing shop fitters.  Maybe next time we will tell you about a few of the characters that we have met so far - it could be a book in itself!!
Mary & Lisa x 

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