Sunday, 2 March 2014

Aphrodite's Vintage Caravan Park

The family and I were whisked away for half term to Cyprus (not quite the Roman holiday I had planned but, hey a holiday is a holiday!!) by the caravan hating other half, Bri.  He had even hired us a car so we could explore the beautiful countryside. 

Lisa and Terry

So, on the Tuesday we decided to visit the very famous Baths of Aphrodite (she's the Greek Goddess of Love) and with Bri in charge of map reading we set off in our Dihatsu Terios which of course we had named "Terry". 

We weren't long into our journey before we realised that the "red route" on the map was little more than a dirt track and took some seriously skillful driving to stop us going off the edge a cliff. Jeremy Clarkson would have been proud of me. After driving for about 15 days (probably around an hour and a half really) doing literally 1 mile an hour at times we finally reached our destination and I have to say we were slightly underwhelmed at the sight we stood before. This tiny trickle of water into a rockpool was not the magnificent waterfall we had imagined. So that the day was not wasted altogether we took a stroll along the suggested nature trail and I couldn't have been happier when we reached the clifftop and I found my Utopia. 

Everywhere we looked what could we see ?...............

Aphrodite's Caravan Park
Vintage caravans, miliions of them (well at least 20), they were gorgeous (sorry Marj and Hilda) little things, all glass windows and curvy bodywork. Unfortunately, they were all inhabited so I couldn't have a nose inside the windows. Didn't stop me spending the rest of the holiday dreaming about how I could get them all home though. or even leaving them right where they were and setting up a clifftop caravan site at the spot where Aphrodite herself took her baths. I think Mary and I could quite happily spend a few months of the year renovating those beauties in the glorious sunshine..............Aaaaaah we'll keep dreaming............
Lisa x

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