Monday, 4 August 2014

Radio Ga Ga!!

"And everything I had to know
I heard it on my radio

Well ??? Did you hear it ?????
This week I thought I would tell you about my recent venture into radio…It would have been both of us, but any of you that know Lisa will agree, she is the shy and retiring type (and doesn’t think she has the face for radio!! ) So, who is going to tell her?!? Not me!! thats for sure.  I am not that brave….or stupid!! You can though…
It all started with BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s ‘phone with no home’.  I was handed this phone in a tupperware box and told that someone from the station would call between 7am and 9am the next morning and that I would then have 3 minutes or so to tell them whatever I wanted. 
Lisa refused point blank to take charge of the phone, so the next morning off I went on the school run armed with all sorts of sugary bribery in case I was called when Lily was in the car!! Luckily, my call came just after the school drop off, just as I had started my journey home. 
I sat in a lay-by and and had a lovely chat with Mark telling him all about Lily and Violet Vintage and the Caravans.  That very short bit of air-time led to a couple more calls from the station passing on enquiries and related information.  
Then came the random call about the driving test!!! My guess is that they had a long list of potential idiots and hit the jackpot with me!! The call went something like:
Radio person : “We are doing a feature on driving. Mark’s daughter is taking her driving test and we thought it would make a good feature if Mark were to retake his test to see if he would pass. So, we are looking for other people who would be willing to retake their test too - just for a bit of fun”
Me: “Well, um, so let me get this right. You want me to retake my driving test, on air to see it I would pass todays driving test - just for fun?”
Lisa in the background: ‘Go on. Do it!!!”
Me: “ OK then”
My Husband (much later that evening):  “You must be mad!! Who in their right mind would agree to retake their driving test? - And on air!!”
So, off I went to retake my driving test - complete with the lovely Zoe in the back holding a microphone in-between the two front seats!! I actually did alright I thought!! I nervously repeated the ’10 to 2’ mantra to myself throughout the test and in the end failed only because I didn't look over my shoulder when pulling away from the kerb. (I say ‘only’ and I am aware that this is an extremely important thing to remember to do - but compared to what I could have failed on, this was relatively minor!!) 
I was actually quite chuffed with that!! Admittedly, it was a very quiet day on the streets of Gloucester - eerily quiet in fact…..People must have heard that it was Lisa out on the roads that day!…
After the driving test radio feature, Zoe contacted me and we agreed to meet up at the caravans and she would interview me about them.  We met up at the barn and I enthused about our tropical Marj and the lovely Hilda and also showed her Rita and Marigold (who are both in need of a little extra tlc). So that was on Tuesday and the Program was aired Friday lunchtime!! Did you hear it??

I have gone completely radio ga ga!! Lovin’ it!!

Mary & Lisa x 

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