Monday, 25 August 2014

The Things People Say!!

Can you believe that we have been open for over 2 months now?!?

And in that time we have received some really lovely comments.....but some people just find it impossible to say something nice - in which case we would rather they didn't say anything at all.....(and that could be the start of a whole new blog!......)

So, we thought we would tell you a few of the things that people have said to us (or about us) over the past couple of months.

A guy cycles past on his bike and then a few seconds later cycles by in the opposite direction.  We thought he might be casing the joint, but on his third cycle-by he parks up his bike and wanders into the shop removing his helmet.....
"I just wanted to congratulate you on the awesome windows"
 - well, thank-you kind sir - 
A 1000!!! You have got to be kidding!

"I have just been at a Glastonbury wrap party. I put together some of the stage sets and we have been mulling over the designs for next year. Well, one of them is a sort of UFO theme with flowers and butterflies - I need about a thousand of your flowers!!!"
Such a massive compliment - Thank You!!!!

We have received many compliments on our windows and lots of people comment on the frequency of the change of clothing on our mannequins.  Well, we do like to make an impression and so far the windows are doing their job!!!

The Winning Windows
"And the winner of the Dursley Festival Window Competition is da... da.... da...Lily & Violet Vintage!!"
There was really never any doubt that this was ours for the taking!! Lisa put her crazy brilliant papier mache skills to use and the windows were absolutely incredible!!!! The £50 Stonehouse Court Voucher will be put to very good use...

Over the course of the past couple of months we have been lucky enough to meet lots of great people all looking for an item of clothing to add to their own story....

One of these was a Mother of The bride To Be who came in looking for something truly special for her daughters' big day.  She was looking for something that no one else could possibly have.  And, you've guessed it - she found it in our little boutique!!! She decided to return the next day with her friend in tow for a (not needed) second opinion.  Her friends reaction -
" If we are friends, you will take my advice and buy the dress!"
She did; she looked absolutely fabulous and on her daughters' big day she will be wearing a one off dress that will set her apart from the other guests for sure!! Totally Unique. Totally Gorgeous.

Loving It!!
And how can we forget the young lady who looked amazing in one of our favourite iconic dresses - The Poodle Dress!! If you have visited our boutique then you may remember seeing this dress....

Katie was off to Secret Cinema's screening of Back To The Future showing in the East End and recreating the 1955 fictitious town of Hill Valley from the original movie. So the poodle dress was perfect!! Katie's verdict:
"I love it" 
Katie - that dress was made for you!! You should always dress like its 1955!!

We have had lots of people popping their head around the door and complimenting us on the shop and what a lovely addition it is to the town.  And in some cases, we may even have tempted them to stick around for a while and take their property off the market!!...

We are very proud of our little boutique and it is a pleasure to find out what you, our customers, think of, please - let us know!!
Mary & Lisa x 

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