Monday, 11 August 2014

The Lily & Violet Vintage Soiree

OK, so we have had an idea (yes - another one!!) This is one for the girls!!
(apart from the bit at the very end which could see an end to the suffering endured by the male of the species when they need to buy their other half a gorgeous gift...;)

As you have probably gathered now, we are having the time of our lives - as you know, Audrey Hepburn is who we aspire to but even dear old Audrey would envy the fun we are having!!!

Since opening the Lily & Violet Vintage boutique most of our energy has been directed at making sure that what we offer is a fabulous collection of vintage clothing in a sumptuous environment - exactly how we think it should be!! (Really we have opened the shop that we want to shop in and have just crossed our fingers that others think the same as us!!!)

We know from lots of our customers (and from random passers-by who pop their head round the door) that you also think our shop is pretty fab and that you all love looking at our windows and waiting to see what gems we can find for you next!! We can't tell you how pleased we are...

We have also had quite a few people who are coming in feeling a bit braver in their choice of clothes having watched Dawn on This Old Thing on C4 on a Wednesday....

Surely, this is solo wrong??
But, please!! come on!!! We can do way better than some of that rubbish '80s stuff she is coming up with!! Really??!???!!! - turning the sequin butterfly top into that awful jacket!! - Why would you bother!!! And don't get me started on the guys jacket full of moth holes that didn't even fit....And, have you noticed how Dawn herself is always wearing something incredibly cool from the '60s or '70s???? ppffff!! (rant over - we love it really and are avid watchers).

So anyway, we got to thinking......people are ready to wear something a bit more unusual but no one wants to look like they are in fancy dress.. We have lots of customers who are new to the area, new to vintage or who perhaps lack the confidence to just get and try it on, so we thought a pre party season shopping soiree with like minded people would be a good idea. The shopping experience that we offer is, we think, quite special but we want to make it even more fun!!

Came and try something different!
There are lots of you who just need a little tiny push to try on something that you wouldn't normally pick off a rail.  But what if it doesn't quite fit right, is there anything you can do?? (We are no sewing experts but we know someone who is!!!) If you need a little helping hand shrink your waist by an inch then our What Katie Did Glamour Shapewear may be just what you need - we can explain it all to you....And what about hair and make up...are there any things you can do to complete your vintage evening out or adapt your 'look' just slightly?...We know the people who know!!!

So how would you fancy an evening of trying on, with us as your hosts and with a seamstress for ideas and prices on alterations, a hairdresser and make-up artist on hand for advice and demos??? - Oh and maybe just a little glass of bubbly to help the evening along. Come on!! Get your big Bridget Jones' on and stick your heels in a bag and come with us for a girlie trying on session.

We also thought we would take this opportunity to launch our 'wish list' - only for those who want to of course!!  You will be able to note items that, (if anyone asks us ;) you would like as a gift from one of your nearest and dearest. Maybe it could help you to get a very unique gift this year!!!

So, Saturday 11th October. Our evening will start at 6.30pm and will probably end at around 9pm - but who knows?!? we could be having too much fun to care! There will be a hair demo and a make-up demo (and both of these professionals will be able to answer your questions or take a booking for your forthcoming party if you want).  Should you try something on that doesn't quite sit right or needs taking up etc, a seamstress will be on hand to tell you what is possible and how much it will cost.

Oh, and did we mention the fashion show? - there isn't a formal one but all of you trying stuff on will be the fashion show!!

So - what do you say?? We have 40 tickets to our Lily & Violet Vintage Shopping Soiree. They will cost you £5 a ticket and are available from the shop.  If you can't get to the shop then please message or call us.

Mary & Lisa x 

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