Saturday, 1 February 2014

And We Are Off!!.........

So, where do you start when you have admitted to being an Audrey wannabe, and you have found your perfect partner and even decided on your name??! You buy a caravan or two of course!  Oh, and you start growing a collection of totally gorgeous, totally unique dresses that just ooze quality and style.  
The Lily & Violet Vintage Collection will boast the most desirable vintage pieces that you just won’t be able to resist (we hope!).  But I’ll tell you more about that later. First, let’s talk caravans!!........
........Obviously, they have to be just like us, cute(?) and curvy, and truly vintage!  Although, some might think we should be classed as antique rather than vintage! We are lovers of the glass windows, so none of that plastic stuff for us!.  Actually, now I’m thinking of plastic stuff, I guess that is where I might consider differing from the caravans.......maybe a bit of ‘plastic’ would be helpful! 
Hilda at the Auction
Our first baby (she is now named Hilda) is a lovely little 1973 Thomson Glen.  We bought her at a Classic Car auction, and what an exciting experience that was! On the day of the auction Lisa was otherwise engaged.  Can you believe that a night out watching The Darkness followed by a day at the races came top of her list of priorities.?? Pfff, that’s committment!! So, come the day, I dragged my long suffering other half along to keep me company. (Actually, I thought he might splash some cash and buy me an open top Audrey-esque car to complete my look – but he didn’t!!!!)
So, there we were waiting nervously for the little caravan to come up for auction (needless to say it was one of the last items of the day), clutching our bidding number – 954. Luckily, there weren’ t many others interested in Hilda and we won!! Yay!
The very next day, me and Lisa borrowed a van and went a-towing!  After a bit of happy chat, the lovely strong men at the auction site agreed to help us hitch up. We were obviously weak, feeble, mad ladies with no knowledge of caravans, vans, towing or driving.  I didn’t recognise either of them, so I wonder where they knew us from??!!!

Off A-Towing We Go!
Actually, I didn’t do any of the towing, that was all down to Lise.....  I will let her tell you all about that experience herself.

Mary x

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