Saturday, 8 February 2014

Our First Tow Tastic Experiece

So, whilst I was dancing to The Darkness and having a little flutter on the horses, Mary had been to the Auction and we have bagged our first baby - Hilda.  Now all we have to do is get her home safe and sound! How hard can it be????
I haven't towed a caravan before but I figure all I need to do is go a bit slower than normal, especially around the bends.  As it turns out that this is going to be easier said than done - it is narrow, bumpy lanes all the way….. and I am not generally known for my slow and careful progress on the road!
This could soon be you!
With my first glimpse of Hilda it was love at first sight! She is soooo cute - absolutely tiny- a real little vintage beauty. OMG, now even I’m nervous - I just can’t mess this up. Safe delivery of our first baby is down to me. Aaarrgghhh!!!
There had been quite a bit of heavy rainfall during the night and the auction field was a bit muddy. Luckily, Hilda is light on her feet (just like us! ha ha) and we could (with a little bit of help) push her out of the field and onto the road ready to hook up. 
We got a bit excited when we were told that each auction vehicle has its own ‘box’ where all of its keys, documents, and other gems are kept, ready for when the new owner collects. So we eagerly awaited the opening of our box. Guess what we found inside??? Nada!
"Help! Help!" we cry.
The lovely auction men give us some great towing tips - mainly “just check your wing mirrors to make sure the caravan is still there” Really??? They didn’t tell us what we should do if we couldn't see her in our wing mirrors.  Presumably, that would be obvious - I would vote for denying all knowledge if we are spotted and otherwise try to get her back on the tow hitch.
So, eventually (and much quicker than expected) we were on the road and heading for home.  Now, I usually love nothing more than a little bit of road rage aimed at all the useless drivers on the road, and a few choice words for the caravan towers, cyclists and horses who are always in the way!! Not today though! - I have to spend so much time checking the wing mirrors that I don’t see the road in front at all!  And when we did meet an oncoming vehicle, I closed my eyes for a second and both me and Mary shrieked until the road was clear.  It was a very loud and nerve shattering journey!! Mary only uttered two words all the way home - they both began with ’s’ and are both four letters long. ‘Slow’ is one and I’m sure you can guess the other.  She may only of uttered two words but she repeated them every couple of seconds!!! This was not the calming co-driver I needed!!
Needless to say, we got Hilda home in one piece.  We got her into place and stood back to admire her, and there is a lot to admire.  She is a little 1973 Thomson Glen - and she is a real vintage beauty!!
Lily & Violet Vintage are in the caravan business!!!! We are so excited - can you tell?? 

Lisa x

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