Monday, 17 February 2014

Hilda Meets Marj

After 3 weeks alone on windswept wasteland, Hilda was pleased to meet her new companion, Marj.  Marj came to us from a very wet and windy Wolverhampton, about 60 miles from home. Originally, she was going to be called Margot but sadly she just wasn’t posh enough!!! – not that we are in anyway name-ist.  She had had a bit too much of the good life – a bit of wear and tear was visible and she had definitely not had any work done – a bit like the two of us really!!
Hilda and Marj
So, on a very blustery Saturday morning (with gale force winds forecast), off Lisa went a-towing again.  I couldn’t be her wing-man this time (the first of many Christmas drinks was on the cards for me!). Thanks to Lisa’s excellent driving and towing skills, Marj, a 1977 Sprite Alpine, arrived safely home and took up position next to Hilda.
So, we have our two babies, Hilda and Marj just waiting for their totally fabulous make-overs!!
We decided to keep Hilda under covers and start with Marj.  Marj had obviously been outside for many years and was looking a little down-at-heel.  So first things first – get her completely watertight, replace all the seals and fit a new skylight.
We have quickly come to realise that little old caravans, like little old ladies, often leak a bit!  But just a little care and maintenance can help keep time at bay. Marj had a stubborn leak around her front window which meant taking out all of the internal wood panelling,replacing all of the rusted window screws and resealing the whole area. A big (but satisfying) job – we are not taking any short cuts! We want our caravans not only to look great but to be the best build quality they can be. 
Poor Marj!!!
Marj had one other serious job that needed attention - a 6 inch gash in her side that means replacing the whole panel. Capable as we are, this is a job we aren’t tackling ourselves.  Luckily, we know a man (or two) who can! 
Marj soon went in to Caravan A&E at Berkeley Fabrication to have the panel replaced.  The fabulous specialists (in particular Doctor Bri) worked miracles with Marj and you would never know that she has had any work done.  Since coming home, Marj has undergone a bit of a transformation and is now unrecognisable from the caravan we took delivery of only a couple of months ago. 
She isn’t quite finished yet but we will keep you posted on her progress!! We think you are going to love her - she has got a totally tropical feel to her and we can’t wait to show her off……

Mary & Lisa x