Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Smallest Room

So, there we were: work clothes on, cuppas in hand, sat in Marj, pondering over the ever growing to do list, when along came robin...we have a friendly little robin (the feathered variety!) who comes to visit us inside Marj – leaving quite a lot of mess to clean up each time!! 
Some believe that a visit from a robin is a visit from someone close that has passed away. I like to think it is my dad stopping by to keep an eye on things ( and that would make perfect sense as it is my little brothers place of work too - and believe me, he needs much more looking after than I do!) Although, I can just imagine Dad’s reaction to our vintage venture - “what ever are you going to do with that ??” 
Actually, this is a sentiment that has been expressed a number of times over the past few months.  Typically, it is the male species that cannot see the potential in the humble caravan - no imagination!!  But, all of this changes once the hard graft has started and the transformation is underway.
Anyway, back to Marj.......and specifically the pros and cons of the toilet cubicle. Now, at first you would probably think “Ooohh, a toilet, how cute! – that will come in handy!” But, really??? When would you actually use it??  Anyone spending any time (or anything else!) in one of our caravans would probably have a very close relationship with their travelling companions - and therefore have no real need of a very small portaloo, strategically placed in a cupboard with an ill-fitting door and an outside window.  In one of these babies, if you don’t know one another well enough to pee and hold a conversation at the same time, you should probably find an alternative bathroom solution!
So, after at least a couple of minutes of debate we decided to ditch the smallest room in favour of a corner sofa!  Now, we know that there are plenty of caravan purists out there who do not like the thought of any changes to the original design including the interiors. But, not us !!– we love these old vintage vans for their shape and styling but we have no wish to restore them to their original state.  We want fabulous, gorgeousness and not ‘70s nostalgia! The fashions and furnishings of 1973 just don’t do it for us!  Whilst some of them are absolutely lovely, we do not feel compelled to re-create a vision of ‘70s heaven.
So, corner seating it is! 
Corner Seating for Marj!
And, so started the re-structuring of Marj!  We took out the toilet cubicle (a very satisfying job) and replaced her two single seats with a lovely corner sofa (that we constructed ourselves)! And we are soooo  pleased with the results. Marj is shaping up very nicely indeed - the emergency surgery undertaken by Berkeley Fabrication and Welding was a complete success which has meant that we can now do some of the fun bits! After we have done a very thorough cleaning job that is.
You will be pleased to know that Hilda and Marj have been re-homed over the winter months and are no longer on windswept wasteland but have a lovely cosy barn with a few nearby cattle for company.  They have not had to contend with the recent bad weather and have been tucked up and dry.

Mary x

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